Forgotten Realms

In the beginning

The agreeable scent of fried breakfasts greet you as you make your way into the common area of the inn.
The Hullybuck’s Gamble in Berdusk is a maze of corridors and passageways linking up a variety of former warehouses and tall houses, but you’ve had a pleasant enough night there. So you should because although it’s by no means luxurious, city prices and a juggling festival starting tomorrow have bumped the price and made a small hole in your coin bag.

Not to worry though, you have work! And work that pays well too!
It was only yesterday that you met Cade in the Lonelycoins tavern bemoaning your lack of funds over a pint. And luckily he was in the market for hiring.

He works for some wine merchant called Mr Pashar that’s going on a trip to Greenest about 4 days wagon ride away from here. Nothing to worry about, but he wants some protection for the journey just in case. 5gp a day for following a merchant around for a few days sounds like easy money!

Cade even put you up in the inn and breakfast’s included. Better hurry up, in half an hour Cade will be here with his boss to pick you up!


Zen Zen

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