Gnome Wizard Sage


Tarion – Wizard Gnome Sage
Patron Gods – Gond & Garl Glittergood


Tarion was in mischievous mood, well not that mischievous for a Gnome, but still his sense of adventure had been rekindled.

Tarion Altyx Kasdri Edrick Nesdon Uderf Polysprocket had been thinking it was time to head further south, and this seemed just the perfect opportunity. He had always wanted to explore, even since before he came of age. Brought up in the Silver Marshes, the clan had kept themselves to themselves, avoiding the friends and foes alike that called the marshes their home. But things had changed since the Time of Troubles. Gond had appeared in their own form on the shores of the Gnome stronghold Lantan – surely a sign that it was time for the Gnomes to take a greater part in the world.

Then the catastrophe happened. The Tsunamis caused by the spellplague wiped out all trace of civilization on Lantan. The artificers, Sages and Tinkers were destroyed, their history, magic, knowledge and invention lost to the ravages of time. Tarion had learned these stories as a child, and he had been fascinated by them. Tutored under the Clan Sage Nominx he had read every scroll, heard every story and become convinced that all was not, in fact, lost.

Tales from travellers of fantastic invention from across Faerun had convinced him that Gond’s own journal, detailing the most fabulous of invention – combination of Gnomish ingenuity and magic, could not have been destroyed in such a mortal manner. Instead, the pages must have been scattered across the world, falling into the hands of commoners who probably didn’t know the power contained within the writings and diagrams.
Having come to the conclusion that he had learned everything he needed from Nominx, Tarion set out as a young adult on his personal quest to find the pages and restore the Gnomish standing in the world as masters of ingenuity and invention. Determined that he was going to be the one to bring the lost knowledge to the world nothing was going to stop him.

Still, it didn’t hurt to be cautious. Easily distracted, for 5 years he had meandered through Western Faerun viewing the wonders and dangers of Icewind, NeverWinter and the Sword coast, exploring the High forest and Moors and even venturing a look into the plains of Anauroch for a time never stopping for more than a few days or weeks in villages and towns until he had come across the Elves of Evereska – in truth only a few weeks travel from the Marshes. He had been fascinated by their way of life, and the spells that surrounded the city itself, and almost by accident had found himself with a home carefully crafted and hidden away in the foothills of the mountains.
He hadn’t stayed a hermit of course, that wouldn’t have done for a Gnome with any self respect. He had continued his research into his heritage, building his knowledge and planning his eventual journey to Lantan, where he know he must surely find more than rumour. He had become an infrequent, but welcome, visitor to the local towns and villages in the area as he travelled looking for components and selling his skill and had made many friends amongst the elves. He had grown closest to Carric, an Elven wizard with whom he shared a passion for the Arcane.

Like himself, whilst not shunned as such, Carric had been viewed by the Elves as somewhat of an outsider as shortly before Tarion had arrived Carric had brought a new love – a human – into his home. His first love, and Elven maiden by the name of Thia, had died in a fire, leaving him with 2 sons to care for. Carric had found solace in the arms of Kara, and they had been quickly married.

Tarion, never to shy away from making new acquaintances, had become firm friends with them – and for the first time since leaving the marshes had felt a sense of belonging. In truth – it was probably his friendship with Carric that had sidetracked him from his quest. Shortly after they married, Kara gave birth to a son, Alirann, and Tarion found himself the unexpected Uncle. After all, what growing boy can resist the charm, tinkering and illusion provided by a mischievous Gnome! If he was being honest with himself, it was probably his influence that had caused Alirann to turn away from his father’s Wizarding heritage, and instead follow in the footsteps of the greatest Bards. Still, the boy had a mind of his own, and Tarion wasn’t going to wrestle with his own conscience over it.

Barely a day had seemed to pass, but it had in fact been 16 years. The boy had grown to a man and had shown he had, indeed, “itchy feet” as the human phrase went. It had been a few months since he had called in on Carric, and Tarion had decided to go and see his old friend for a few days. He had barely set foot in the homestead when Alirann had practically ambushed him. He had been regaled with pleading for Tarion to take him away on some great adventure. Of course it wouldn’t have done to submit to every whim, and whilst Tarion had of course decided in that moment to concede to the request it would take several days of persuasion by Alirann before for he let him believe that he had been won over.

He knew it was the famed Juggling contest in Berdust, and the prefect opportunity for them to head away. Carric knew what was going on of course, whether or not Alirann in his excitement realised this of course is another matter, but the white lie was enough for them to both and the deed was done. Tarion and Carric had known each other too long to keep anything from each other, and he promised that he would look after his son as best he could.

Adventure called and with it the promise of completing his quest for the lost pages.


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