Alirann The Half Elf Bard, David’s character

When asked directly about his background Alirann finds his happy childhood a bit too mundane and embellishes his life story with the drama of lovers being torn apart by uncaring parents, exile from the village for being a half-breed and being raised by a kindly wandering minstrel – Rolen (for the best fictions are better with an element of the truth) who took pity on him and taught him the ways of the bard. In fact every time he tells the tale it is slightly different and becomes ever more fanciful

Of course as a long time family friend …the gnome knows the truth and tries too avoid rolling his eyes too much.

Alirann has a tendency to either accentuate his elven features or his human features to fit the occasion.

For the journey to Berdusk he has taken the opportunity of the journey to grow out a thick stubble which also has the benefit of making him look slightly older and human. He has also asked … the gnome to call him Ali for the time being.

It is for this reason, his ability to generate a sob story and exaggerate his adventuring prowess that Cade has hired Ali for the task at hand. In the meantime Ali has been entertaining the locals with his earthy songs and has now become something of a local celebrity in the LonelyCoins. He has also peaked the interest of one or two of the barmaids which thanks to a bit of light flirting has meant a free pint or two which was nice


When Carric the wizard lost his beautiful Elven wife Thia in a tragic fire many thought that he would never recover as his grief was so pronounced. For many years he struggled to raise his two young sons Peren and Erdan hiring permanent staff to help, especially for the rare occasions when he had to travel away from home for some time for his ‘work’.

So it came as a complete surprise to the village that after one such period away Carric returned from his travels with a female human in tow. It was clear that, whatever had happened while he was away, Carric had fallen desperately in love with Kara and they were quickly married. Behind closed doors the less-charitable insinuated that she must have some how enchanted him but of course they were never brave enough to say that to his face. But their murmurs of disapproval were all too audible on the day Kara gave birth to Alirann, Carric’s third son.

Despite his obvious differences and perhaps surprisingly Alirann made friends easily. On the rare occasion when someone did attempt to pick a fight he was usually able to talk his way out of it. It also came in handy having two elder brothers around too whether to defend him in person or to show him how to defend himself if they were not around

As the offspring of wizards it was inevitable that the boys would be expected to follow Carric’s footsteps into wizardry and Carric hired a private tutor from them to study with but while Peren and Erdan excelled in their studies, Alirann was easily distracted and struggled to pay attention, preferring instead to dream of amazing adventures that he would later turn into entertaining stories to amuse his friends. He was also more interested in chasing the female elves whose ethereal beauty he could not resist and did not resist his seduction when he serendaded them with his lute.

Of course this activity lead to poor results and a tutor who was ready to tear his hair out in frustration. On one such occasion the tutor demanded to see Carric and Kara and explained that their son was unteachable – he was not cut out for wizardry but with his ability to concoct far-fetched excuses for not completing his studies in time and his cacophonous warbling at the ladies perhaps he should consider being a bard. He meant it sarcastically but this was a turning point for Alirann and he convinced his mother this was the right thing for him and then they both set about convincing his father. Eventually, grudgingly Carric conceded that Alirann would never be a wizard and hired a bard called Rolen to be his new tutor. Rolen was an ex-advernturer who took Alirann under his wing and regaled him with stories of his great adventures in exotic far off places.

If truth be told Alirann did not change that dramatically, he still continued to daydream, weave his tall tales to charm the girls but now this was fine it was practice, part of his training and was actively encouraged. However as Alirann started to excel in his studies and his parents were always loving and supportive he could not shake the feeling that his father was disappointed in him.

As the years passed Alirann honed his skills but the more stories he heard from Rolen of distant lands the more desperate he was to experience adventures of his own. It was also apparent that he was maturing must faster than the other elven children of his age.

Although by now his skills of persuasion had vastly improved and he was usually able to wrap his mother round his finger in this his mother and father were in full agreement that he was too young to go travelling.

So when …the Gnome [Chris’s character] a friend of Erdan’s came to visit and mentioned that he was off to Berdusk to seek his fortune Alirann pleaded with him to take him with him and confided in him his yearning for a great adventure. Over several days Alirann wore him down until he relented but both agreed that Alirann’s parents would never allow it if they knew his true intentions. So they hatched a plan that Alirann would say he was travelling to Berdusk to compete in the Juggling Festival. Even this was too much for his parents initially but thanks to the help of the gnome and Rolen who convinced his parents he was now old enough to see a bit more of the world.

And so it was the following morning that Alirann and …the gnome headed out from the village.

When I eventually return it will be as a folk hero worthy of my own songs – Alirann thought – that should finally make my family proud.


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